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Select 60 - August 15th, 2017 @ Wintercrest Fields 1 & 2

About ScoutStop's Select 60 event

Select 60 team pre-game meeting

The Select 60 is an invitation-only showcase and tournament and will feature the top 60 2018 and 2019 grads in Minnesota.

The Select 60 format will combine a showcase and tournament in order to best display your talent for attending scouts.  Players will be split up into four teams, each with their own coaches, and play three games allowing for plenty of at-bats and playing time.  Rotations, rosters, line-ups, stats and velocities will be tracked, recorded and able to view in real time on our website

The event will be held at Wintercrest Fields 1 & 2.  All players will receive uniforms including jersey tops and hats.

How do I get invited to this event?

In order to be invited to this tournament, you must get a scout (high school / pro scout) recommendation, send video in or attend the Midwest Showcase & Area Code Tryouts in June 17th, 2017.


8:00am - Player Check-In: Jersey and Hat
8:20am - Player Meeting with Staff
8:30am - Stretch
8:45am - Coaches / Scouts - Check-In / Player/Scouting Packets
8:55am - Event Begins

Select 60 Games @ Wintercrest 1

Times Aug 15th
9:00am N & S - Batting Practice
9:40am N & S In and Out
10:00am North vs. South
12:00n West vs. North
2:00pm East vs. North

Select 60 Games @ Wintercrest 2

Times Aug 15th
9:00am E & W Batting Practice
9:40am E & W In and Out
10:00am East vs. West
12:00n South vs. East
2:00pm West vs. South

Additional Information

In an effort to best assist professional scouts and college coaches in their recruiting process, the Select 60 will have a full infield/outfield before the tournament.  Players will split into four teams with coaches and play three games to increase live at bats and playing time. Rotations, rosters, line-ups, stats and velocities will be tracked and recorded in real time at our website,

About ScoutStop

ScoutStop offers tournaments, player profiles with video, college and pro showcases, recruiting and college consultations and avenues to develop into the best baseball player you can be.

Our network of both college and professional scouts allows us to provide them with the top athletes in the area through all of our offerings.  It is easily the best one-stop shop in the area that provides you with all the necessary tools to aid you on your way to college or professional baseball.  

For the past 10 years, we have provided top-quality events that both college and pro scouts look forward to attending every year.  Our events are efficiently run, collect measurable data, and provide top competition for participating players and teams.

Our events - whether it be a showcase or a tournament - are always run on top-quality fields such as college and/or pro surfaces or top high school fields in the area. 

Registration Details

Location: Wintercrest Fields Field 1 & 2
Ages/Cost 2018-2019 grads
Notes: Invite Only
Notes II:


I just want to thank you for putting together the Select 60. I can't tell you how much fun I had and how great of an experience it was. I will never forget the whole atmosphere and the orderly conduct in which the event was held. This will go down as an all-time favorite showcase/memory.

-Tiegen Lindner, Sioux Falls, SD


2015 Select 60 Teams

Select 60 North and South teams

ScoutStop Select 60 SCHEDULE

Thursday, August 20th
10am: NORTH vs. WEST
11:30am: SOUTH vs. EAST

Siebert Field - Home of the Minnesota Gophers
1611 6th St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

2015 Select 60 Teams

Select 60 East and West teams

WEATHER UPDATE = rescheduled to Thursday @ 10am.

Pitching Rotation - All Games


Coaches/Scout: Programs with contact information will be available at the time of check-in.