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Upcoming ScoutStop Leagues

ScoutStop Select Fall League
Advanced Fall Baseball League (AFBL)

7pm - August 23rd, 2016
Location @ Blizzard Baseball Academy.
3200 Labore Road, Suite 102 - Vadnais Heights, MN  55110

Dates: September 10th - October 9th, 2016
Location: Twin Cites, MN
Ages: 10u-18u
Games: 10 games including end-of-year World Series


August Select Field Updates - 1pm

16u Division
Elko - resumed play at 12:00n
Wintercrest - games have been moved to Siebert field (approximate start times):
4:00pm - Blizzard Gold vs Blizzard Blue
6:30pm - MN SWAT vs Winner of 4pm game

1:30pm - Pine Tar vs MN Starters - canceled due to pending weather and field's inability to take on more water.

Quarry Point - Cancelled

Varsity Division
Siebert Field - Games are ON, about 45 minutes behind

Northwestern - Games on ON as scheduled

Century College - Games are ON, slight delay due to extra innings game 1

Miesville - games have been moved to Northwestern with following start times (approx):
3:45pm - resume Northwest Elite vs Blizzard Black
4:30pm - Complete Game vs TCBA Red
6:45pm - Winners of 1st two games.
CSP - Games are ON
Big Willow - Games are ON

UPDATE and RULE REMINDER - Championship Play

Miesville is in a 20 minute delay (9am update)
Some of the consolation games have been adjusted to account for teams that have to travel out of state.
Rule Reminder
Championship play (must have a winner - includes consolation games)

If the game is tied at the end of regulation (7 innings or 120-minute limit), the away team will start the next inning with the bases loaded (last 3 hitters) with one out. The bottom half will do the same until a win is recorded. Championship GAME will not have a time limit.  Run rules are in effect.
Varsity Bracket: The high seed will be the home team game #1.  There will be a coin flip to determine home / away every game after. 
16u Bracket: High Seed will be home team all the way through.
ScoutStop August Select Tournament
Dates: August 25-28, 2016
Ages: 18u and 16u
ScoutStop Labor Day Tournament
Dates: September 3-5, 2016
SCHEDULE: Click here

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